Athens on 5 €

Whether you’re a budget backpacker, a broke study abroad student, or just broke in general (join the club), it’s time to learn what it means to spend an evening like a true Greek; by putting your damn cell phones away, soaking in a view with good people, and savoring a coffee and a souvlaki (or a cheap kiosk beer in this case).

The view:


Vrahakia in Athens, Greece

Vrahakia (Free)

Often times, in the transition from living on the highlights of the city as a traveler, to settling into the every day as an expat… one forgets how lucky one is to have incredible spots like this. Between the humdrum of cramming final projects and exams, and finally making it to the grocery store in our desperate need for milk, chicken, and toothpaste; I finally found some time where my friend Sherrly and I could take a brain break from it all to enjoy a free moment (I just proudly punned that if you didn’t notice).

After trailing through Plaka (which is a beautiful stroll on its own), on the way up to Acropolis, you will find a mini mountain the Greeks call Vrahakia (“little rocks” in English). It is at it’s most beautiful in the evening when the dusk still allows you to peek at the widest corners of the city; and ancient Acropolis, nestled in the rock to the right of you, starts to glow as it prepares for nightfall. Locals hub together rolling cigarettes, enjoying the same freddo cappuccino they’ve nursed for hours, dogs free of leashes scamper about, and life is paused as it hovers above the center of the city.


View of Acropolis from Vrahakia in Athens, Greece



Acropolis at night in Athens, Greece

It really is flawless. And it’s free! Which is the word I think everyone is scanning for? 😉




One of the many wonders of Athens. And these aren’t your 99 cent menu, flimsy McDonald’s cheeseburgers either… these babies are stuffed with freshly carved gyro meat (usually chicken, beef or pork), tzatziki or “special sauce”, (which is just an apparently special combination of mayo and ketchup), tomato, onion and french fries; all wrapped inside of a thick, warm pita wrap. It’s a really good way to eat well and spend very little. Grab it on the way up to Vrahakia (there are literally too many souvlaki places to choose from in Monastiraki) and you have yourself a picnic.

Cheap kiosk beers:


1 € 

After you grab your dinners, we’re too poor for a freddo cappuccino at this point (which is usually about 4 € in the center) but… if you’re down for a beer, you have more than enough! Inexpensive, but still decent, locally brewed beers are Alpha, Mythos, and Fix. You’ll also probably find your usual Heineken and Amstel beer, whatever you prefer. The important part is, the cans are all usually just 1 €. Now you’re left with a little under 2 €… so heck, buy yourself two!

And there you have it.

An evening in downtown Athens on less than 5 €.


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