About Me

For the expats, wanderlusters, or those simply curious… this is my open journal on being an expat in Athens. My name is Rachael. And to add an even more foreign to Greece connotation; I am a born and raised southeast Texan. No, I’m not a fourth Greek, or a study abroad student (though I do attend University here), or in an embassy/military family. I am here simply because this was the place that gave a very lost girl a sense of home, has grown me and changed my life. Those who know me, know that an overwhelming percentage of that reason is that I met the man who I now know is the love of my life here. Really in the oddest of chances… but more on that later!

So what can you expect from me? Well, more so than your typical guide to Athens (though I will give the spill on my favorite things to do thus far), this will be an honest record of life as a first-time expat. The difference between vacationing and living somewhere (and believe me, there is a huge difference), dating someone of a completely different culture (which has been one of the most enriching, challenging things I’ve ever committed myself to); as well as the comical and confusing experience of throwing my life into one of the most established civilizations in the opposite direction of the world.

So, here’s to the biggest risk and best decision I’ve made in the small span of my twenty-three years!

Απολαύετε! (Enjoy :))

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