Getting Real: My Restlessness, Reflecting on Athens AND GOING TO AUSTRALIA!!!

It's October again. One of my favorite months to welcome in my favorite season of the year. And despite the lack of pumpkin patches here in Athens, which the inner kid in me is quietly grieving, I'm bringing this glorified pumpkin season in with a pumpkin spiced latte at Starbucks. Though I rarely come here anymore,… Continue reading Getting Real: My Restlessness, Reflecting on Athens AND GOING TO AUSTRALIA!!!

Transitions, Unemployment and Crete.

There’s been an annoying inconsistency to my postings lately. I know. And though this may sound like a cliche follow up excuse… to be truthful, this season of Alex and I’s life has been a bit of an inconsistency lately in general. Transitions, life-plan making, the consistent unplanned changes thereafter, with everything; work, where we’re… Continue reading Transitions, Unemployment and Crete.

Some Days… You Hate It.

Its been eight months, as of a few days ago, since I bought my ticket to Athens. I remember it was such a high clicking the "one-way" option on the airline site. My life had taken a hard spring cleaning, as the only things I owned and would ever hold familiar again, were two suitcases and a… Continue reading Some Days… You Hate It.

Being an Expat: Misconception #3

This post takes a two-sided position on what I heard the most after first telling people I was moving to Athens... (1) "You're leaving America... permanently? Why would you do that? Isn't Greece so poor now they're like burning furniture to stay warm? It's dangerous to leave the states now!" (2) "You're moving to Greece??… Continue reading Being an Expat: Misconception #3

Being an Expat: Misconception #2

"Oh my God you live in Greece. Your life must be like a vacation." Another LOL moment. There is quite a difference between vacationing and living somewhere... let me tell you. Especially somewhere that is becoming increasingly, insanely, unstable. I say this keeping all the love and adoration I've always had for this country in… Continue reading Being an Expat: Misconception #2

Being an Expat: Misconception #1

"So you speak Greek like fluently now right?" Ha! My American friends have no idea the depth of what they've asked. I remember being on the phone with my little sister the other day when the home phone rang with an unfamiliar number... Alex wasn't home to answer in Greek. So, it was my turn. I… Continue reading Being an Expat: Misconception #1

“So how did you two meet…” Part II

Since this is a bit of a book... I thought it'd be best to break this story up into two pieces. So, as I was saying in part I of this story... the moment had finally come when those automatic doors at Eleftherios airport opened, revealing me standing with a 60 lbs backpack on my back,… Continue reading “So how did you two meet…” Part II

“So how did you two meet…?” Part I

Alex and I get asked this question a lot. The surprise is understandable since it isn't a common thing for a small town girl from Texas and a native Athenian to be coupled together in Greece... The story is quite bizarre so we just tell the general public "I met him while traveling around Europe". Which… Continue reading “So how did you two meet…?” Part I

If you’re in love with a Greek…

You're in for it. I'm just kidding. But be prepared for a full emotional experience; because believe me, there is no such thing as a "bad" emotion in Mediterranean culture. That passion we watch on TV is one of the few things Hollywood has represented fairly accurate. Especially if you're Greek... enthusiasm and passion is… Continue reading If you’re in love with a Greek…