Experiencing Ancient Athens: The Herodeon Theatre

After a summer spent in Crete and a good month and a half visiting family in the States... I'm back in my adopted hometown. And honestly, it's been a bit of a humdrum winding down from all the previous activity while waiting on news for our next big move (more on that later). So when… Continue reading Experiencing Ancient Athens: The Herodeon Theatre

Glacier Lakes, Evergreen Trails and Grizzly Bears… “O’ CANADA”!

One thing that never fails to intrigue me about travel is, just when you think you've found the "most beautiful place you've ever been"... You discover Canada. I never thought of Canada to be my next destination. The way I pictured it, it was a vast, empty, terrain-- where bears outnumbered people and scattered mountain… Continue reading Glacier Lakes, Evergreen Trails and Grizzly Bears… “O’ CANADA”!

For the Romantics

Though it's not known for its sensational night life. And those really beautiful beaches are at least an hour drive away-- if you're in love and want to be somewhere that embraces the romantic things of life, one thing is for sure about this West Coastal, Cretan village... Rethymno is for lovers. The ambiance of the… Continue reading For the Romantics

One Day in Rethymno

Now if you're asking me... This is what I've gathered over my last month and a half here in this Venetian/ Turkish infused, historically sanctified, Cretan village; where the Renaissance took refuge and never seemed to have left. Though its been overexposed to the unavoidable touristic contagion that eventually gets to all the world's finest… Continue reading One Day in Rethymno

A Step North from Athens

Since I've moved here to Greece, I've always heard Thessaloniki to be a "cleaner, smaller and more beautiful Athens". There, it is said that the women are the most beautiful; wearing their best clothes even when going out for a simple coffee with their παρέα/parea (group of friends). The people are said to be even more easy… Continue reading A Step North from Athens

A Greek Easter

In Greece, Easter is a huge tradition celebrated by those who cross themselves every time they pass a church and those who haven't passed a church in well... ever. In a country where traditions run deep it's definitely one of the traditions that run the strongest. Though the beliefs of an Orthodox Easter and an Easter… Continue reading A Greek Easter

For Travelers: The Things You Find Out Later…

There are always micro details no one ever remembers to tell you when visiting a new country. For myself, I remember when I was in Rome, I had no idea they charged you some change to use public restrooms; and being that I'm American, us credit card junkies NEVER have cash--much less "change". I remember having… Continue reading For Travelers: The Things You Find Out Later…

If You’re without a Yaya… May I Suggest “Tzitzikas & Mermigas”

I remember when I solo backpacked Europe back in 2015 and I was always scouring blogs for their best traditional cuisine recommendations. In my opinion, the best thing to do when visiting a new place, with all it's new variety of flavor, is the obvious... eating it all! I swear to God I'm not biased,… Continue reading If You’re without a Yaya… May I Suggest “Tzitzikas & Mermigas”

Athens on 5 €

Whether you're a budget backpacker, a broke study abroad student, or just broke in general (join the club), it's time to learn what it means to spend an evening like a true Greek; by putting your damn cell phones away, soaking in a view with good people, and savoring a coffee and a souvlaki (or… Continue reading Athens on 5 €

Loukoumades: Trendy and Traditional

If you want to combine the best of all the sugar categories: with warm, doughy, doughnut holes, sticky honey, cinnamon and crushed nuts... you've got yourself a nice batch of traditional Greek loukoumades. It's one of these things, that if I wasn't so unfortunately nice... I probably wouldn't share with anyone. Which is why I… Continue reading Loukoumades: Trendy and Traditional